Deceptive Sales

Follow these tips to prevent sales scams before they happen: 

  • ADT representatives or ADT Authorized Dealer representatives will carry proper company issued identification. 
  • To confirm a representative is really affiliated with ADT, ask to see official company issued identification. If they don’t show it, don’t believe it. Since some companies have been impersonating our team, we’ve launched a tool to verify their credentials while at your door. Simply go to and enter the representative's ID number or for an ADT Authorized Dealer and select your state to see if the dealer name is listed.
  • When in doubt whether a representative was sent by ADT to upgrade or test your system, call 800.ADT.ASAP to verify the work order before you let them in your home. 
  • Be cautious. Do not sign any documents without thorough review.

There are many tactics that deceptive sales scammers may use, but here are some common phrases that have been stated in previous years: 

  • "We are here to upgrade your ADT system."
  • "I’m with the company that manufactured your alarm system."
  • "ADT just monitors your home; they do not service the equipment."
  • "Your service will be cancelled because Protection1 is taking over ADT."
  • "ADT is no longer covering your area."
  • "ADT systems are more vulnerable to burglaries."

Deceptive sales scams are serious issues. If you think you have been a victim of a deceptive sales scam, immediately report the incident to:

  • ADT (800) 238-2727
  • Better Business Bureau
  • Local law enforcement
  • Alert your friends and family