Health & Medical Alert FAQs

We’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions regarding Health monitoring. If your questions or concerns have not been addressed in any section of the FAQs, please call 800-568-1216 and a trained ADT Medical Alert Specialist will assist you.

1. How can ADT help me live independently?

Here is your Free Guide to Independent Living – Download the PDF

Your Free Guide to Independent Living – Download PDF hereYour Free Guide to Independent Living – Download PDF here

2. What types of Medical Alert Systems are available?

ADT offers two (2) options of medical alert monitoring. The first is the in-home system, which offers a convenient range that works in virtually any room in the home, giving you the ability to move about freely. The second option is the on-the-go system, which provides freedom and peace of mind for medical monitoring both at home and miles away from it.

3. Once I have my medical alert service, will my monthly monitoring rate increase?

No. With our Price-Lock Guarantee your monthly monitoring rate will never be raised with the same service. 

4. How long is the medical alert agreement length?

ADT offers a convenient month-to-month agreement, with no long-term contract required.

5. Does the medical monitoring system come with a guarantee/warranty?

Yes. Our medical alert systems come with an unconditional warranty on parts, labor and service. You will never be charged for repairs to the unit unless it or the accessories are lost.

7. How often does the unit need to be serviced?

The unit does not need regular servicing, but we recommend testing it monthly.

8. How will I know if there is a problem with my medical alert system?

Medical alert systems have a self-diagnostic feature that alerts the home medical monitoring center if there is a problem.

9. How large is the health monitoring pendant and can I wear it in the shower?

Yes. The transmitter on the pendant is waterproof and designed to operate in the shower. The pendant is very small and lightweight. You have the option of wearing the pendant as a necklace or on your wrist with a wrist-strap.

ADT Health Pendant

10. How do ADT Medical Alert Systems works?

ADT offers a three-part monitoring system that ensures your safety.

Always on Alert: Our 24/7 technology provides you with fast response protection 24 hours a day, seven days a week from caring ADT professionals.

Alarm Triggered: Help is at your fingertips when you need it—simply press the button on either your waterproof wristband or pendant. A monitoring professional will be there to speak with you over the two-way intercom. Fall Detection services can automatically signal for help without the call button being pressed.

Fast Response: A caring ADT professional will confirm whether you are ok or in need of assistance. If there is an emergency, the appropriate responder (police, fire department or emergency personnel) will be contacted to dispatch assistance to your home immediately.

11. ​Does the health monitoring pendant work from my mailbox or while I am gardening?

The range of the transmitter on medical monitoring systems varies depending upon the location of the base unit and the outside construction materials of the home. In most cases, your medical alert system will operate up to 300 feet from the base unit.

12. What happens if I drop the pendant?

If you happen to drop the unit, you should follow the test procedure immediately to ensure the medical alert system is working properly. If it is not, the unit will be replaced at no charge.

13. What happens if my loved one needs ADT after hours or on a holiday?

Caring professionals at ADT are available 24/7, even on holidays.

14. Can I speak through the pendant or help button?

No. You can only speak through the Medical Alert Basic and Medical Alert Plus base units and the Mobile On-The-Go Emergency Response device itself.

15. If I move to a new location or an independent or assisted living home, can I take my system with me?

Yes. The On-The-Go Emergency Response device is portable and you can take the unit with you wherever you relocate. Just notify the monitoring center of your new location if you leave for an extended period of time. If you move permanently, you can also take your Medical Alert Basic or Medical Alert Plus system with you. Remember to update your address with ADT when you move.

16. ​Is the Fall Detection feature standard?

No. Fall Detection is available for both in-home and on-the-go systems for an additional fee. Fall detection does not detect 100% of falls. If able, users should always push their help button when they need assistance.

17. How long does it take to detect a fall?

The pendant takes just under a minute to determine whether a fall has occurred.

18. What happens to my medical alert system if the power goes out in my home?

Should your power be interrupted, the base unit of the medical alert system has a maintenance-free, built-in back-up battery that will operate your system for up to 12 to 20 hours. Before your battery runs out of current, the base unit will send a “low battery” signal to the ADT Health monitoring center to warn that the unit will soon be nonfunctional. An ADT Monitoring Specialist will then call you to advise you of the low-battery condition and answer any questions about your system.

19. When I'm at home, what if I am on the phone when I need to use my pendant?

With the Medical Alert Basic system, if you are on the phone connected to the unit, the medical alert system will disconnect your call and send the emergency signal. If one of the other phones in your house is in use, then the medical monitoring system will attempt to dial the monitoring station eight (8) times. If at the end of this calling sequence the unit has still failed to communicate, it will emit a high-pitched tone, and alert the customer that the unit has failed to communicate. The Medical Alert Plus and On-The-Go Emergency Response unit have their own digital cellular communications so phone usage is not an issue.

20. Can my in-home medical alert system detect temperature?

The Medical Alert Basic and Medical Alert Plus Alert system comes with high/low temperature sensor.

21. Can I speak through the ​On-The-Go pendant or help button?

No. You can only speak through the Medical Alert Basic and Medical Alert Plus base units and the Mobile On-The-Go Emergency Response device itself.

22. Can I carry only my ​On-The-Go pendant?

No. The mobile On-The-Go Emergency Response device must be within 100 feet of the pendant and you must speak through the mobile device.

23. What do the light indicators mean on the front of the On-The-Go Emergency Response System?

The red light indicates a battery-related function. The green light indicates wireless network functionality and connection. The yellow light means the device is communicating with the GPS satellite.

Mobile Device Light Indicator

24. What happens during the time between I push the button and a trained ADT Professional response?

When you push your unit’s button, the mobile device makes a cellular phone call to the call center. This prompts our trained ADT professional to respond to you right away.

25. Is the On-The-Go Emergency Response mobile device waterproof?

No. Only the pendants, wristbands and fall detection pendant are waterproof. The on-the-go emergency response mobile device contains the speaker and it cannot get wet. Our wristbands and pendants are 100% waterproof so you or your loved one can feel secure in the shower or tub.

26. ​Can I increase the volume on the mobile device?

No. We encourage you to wear the pendant and mobile device together (keep within 100ft).

27. ​Can the mobile device stay on the cradle/charger?

We recommend you to occasionally take the mobile device off the charger to maintain the battery life as it is good for it to discharge periodically.

28. ​Can I take my unit with me when I go on vacation?

Yes. Our system is portable so you can take the comfort and familiarity of ADT monitoring with you anywhere you go. Just notify the monitoring center of your new location if you are leaving for an extended period of time.

29. ​How does the On-The-Go Medical Alert System work?

When the help button is pressed, a trained ADT professional will speak over the two-way voice intercom of the mobile device, determine the user’s location using GPS technology from the mobile device and from the customer. If needed, ADT will call local emergency responders.

30. ​Can you tell me what I receive once I order an ADT On-The-Go Emergency Response system?

The system is easy to operate and includes one (1) Mobile Device with two-way voice and one (1) wireless waterproof pendant or wireless waterproof wristband. You will also receive a cradle charger with power cord and mobile carrying case.

31. ​Which cellular network works best for On-The-Go Emergency Response device?

The On-the-Go Emergency Response system is mobile and will work within the digital cellular network. The Medical Alert Mobile system works on the AT&T Wireless Network. Refer to AT&T coverage maps at their site to confirm coverage for the user's location.

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