Equipment FAQs

Total Security is an all-inclusive system containing the control panel, communication gateway and keypad. A completely wireless system, TS communicates via radio signals from each security device to the base unit. 

Developed for customers who have both security and home automation needs, TS can be tailored to your lifestyle while providing the highest level of life safety you have come to expect from ADT.

TS is the workhorse in the ADT panel portfolio, supporting as many as 250 devices (wireless zones), including a mix of life safety and lifestyle devices, with no adapters necessary. It includes a built-in IP communicator and built-in Wi-Fi to connect to touchscreens and cameras.

Yes. Total Security uses Z-Wave wireless communication protocol for home automation abilities - activate lights, appliances, door locks, etc.

TS uses ADT’s Pulse Interactive Solution allows you to remotely connect with the system via a smart device, tablet or PC from anywhere. Its open architecture enables use of a wide variety of sensors and devices, as well as access to a broader set of system features, such as: adjusting temperature, capturing video, creating schedules, and triggering life safety and lifestyle events.

TS is user-friendly – new features are downloadable or sent automatically without the need for a technician visit or inconvenience to the customer.

TS uses Internet broadband as the primary communication method, with cellular communication as a backup. A wired phone line, landline or POTS (Plain Old Telephone System) connection is not required with TS. 

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