Customer FAQs

If you have questions about how to mount the sensors and magnets, these FAQs will help.

1. I received a Contact Repair Kit to reattach my sensor or magnet for my doors and/or windows, what do I do now?

Your sensor or magnet mounting instructions can be downloaded on this PDF reference sheet or you can watch the instructional video below.

Watch this video: How to Reinstall Your Door & Window Sensor

2. How do I test my sensor to ensure it’s working properly?

Place your security system on test using or by calling 800.ADT.ASAP. Arm your system in Stay Mode, and then open the door or window with the reattached sensor and/or magnet. Within 90-seconds the alarm should sound and display the sensor zone on the keypad. Enter your user code to reset and turn the system off, and then remove your system from test. Your door or window sensors should be fully functional now.

3. I read the instructions and I am still having trouble repairing my sensor or magnets, what should I do?

If you are still experiencing issues, please download the Troubleshooting PDF.

4. What happens if I am missing an item in my sensor or magnet Repair Kit?

If you are missing one of the below items, please call the residential or business service number on our Contact ADT page. Please note this kit does not include a replacement sensor.

1. 2 Alcohol Swabs
2. 2 Two-Sided Tape Strips (2”x1”)
3. White Magnet
4. Brown Magnet
5. 2.8 oz. Tube of Silicon Glue
6. 2 Flat Head Metal Screws ½” long
7. 2 Pan Head Metal Screws ½” long

5. I need a replacement sensor, what do I do?

Customers can purchase replacement sensors from ADT, however an ADT technician is required to program and install. To order a new sensor, call the residential or business troubleshooting number on our Contact ADT page.

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