Billing FAQs

For easy reference, watch the video below or download and use this PDF.

  1. Account number - This is the number that ADT will use as a reference when speaking with you about your account with us.  
  2. Payment Due Date - The date your payment is due and to be received by ADT. You can expect to receive your bill 15 to 20 days before the due date.  
  3. Total Amount Due - The full amount due on the account. Any payment arrangements are not reflected in this balance. Your first bill may reflect remaining installation fees if applicable, or may be prorated based on your date of install. 
  4. Service Address - The address where your ADT system is located. 
  5. Home Security Messages - Information about ADT products, services and promotions. 
  6. Summary of Charges 
    • Previous balance – any balance left from previous billing cycles 
    • Payments & adjustments – all payments and adjustments received during billing cycle 
    • Current Charges – charges for current billing cycle (monthly/quarterly/semi-annual/annual) 
    • Taxes and fees – any taxes and/or fees incurred in current billing cycle 
  7. Payment Coupon - The portion of the bill you mail in if you are mailing in a check. Please make sure the payment address is visible in the envelope window. Or, if you’d prefer to pay online, go to  
  8. Account Activity Details (Back of Your Bill) - Itemized details of charges – In this section you will find your invoice number, service period and breakdown of taxable and non-taxable charges.  
  9. Billing Information Change Form (Back of Your Bill) - If your billing information needs to be updated, mail in the completed form. Or, if you’d prefer to update your information online, go to  
  10. Important Messages (Back of Your Bill) - Useful information regarding your ADT bill or ADT system.