Billing FAQs

Everything from how to read your bill, and how to set up EasyPay, to how to modify your service, all of your ADT billing questions are answered here.

1. How do I read my ADT bill?

You can visit the How to Read My Bill page for a step-by-step description of how to read each section of your bill, watch the video below, or download and use this PDF

How to Read Your ADT Bill

2. What is the mailing address for bill payment?

ADT has more than one payment location. To ensure that you send your payment to the correct address, locate the "Mail Payment To" label on your payment stub at the bottom of the statement page. To view your statement online, log into, select the My Account tab, and click on Statements from the left hand menu. If your payment is sent to the wrong address, it could result in a delay in processing and an overdue balance on your account. Remember, you can always make a one-time payment or sign up for EasyPay on

3. Does ADT offer an automatic payment plan or paperless billing?

Yes to both. ADT EasyPay is our automatic payment service. It allows you to setup your payments using either your bank account or credit/debit card. You can go truly paperless by selecting the paperless option in the Billing Statements of your email preferences. To sign up for EasyPay, log into your account and select the EasyPay sign up located on the overview page.

MyADT Bill & Payment Summary

4. How do I set up autopay or EasyPay?

EasyPay is ADT's safe and secure auto pay service. Sign up to be automatically billed to your credit or checking account. This service is free of charge to ADT members. To sign up, log into your account and select the EasyPay option from the overview page.

5. How can I change my billing address while maintaining my service address?

To change your billing address, log into your account, click on the My Account tab located on the overview page and then click on Billing Information from the left hand menu. This change will not affect your service address. It may take up to one billing cycle for the new billing address to be updated so continue to look for your next statement at your old billing address.

6. When my system was installed, I wrote a check to ADT, but it's not reflected on my first bill in my account. Is there a problem?

No. Sometimes, due to billing cycles, your first bill may be issued before payment has been posted. The payment should appear on your next bill. Once the payment has been posted, you will also be able to view your updated balance on by selecting the My Account tab.

7. How long does it take for my payments to be posted to my account?

Payments sent through the mail take approximately 7-10 business days to be delivered and processed before appearing on your account. Online payments are processed immediately, and will post to your account within 15 minutes.

8. My invoice is slightly higher than I expected. What are these extra charges?

In addition to your monthly bill, mandatory taxes and fees required by federal, state, and local governments are included. The amounts of these taxes and fees are dependent on your service location and affect your total bill amount.

9. I received an invoice, but do not see a "Payment Due Date." When is my payment due?

Your payment due date is located on the top portion of your bill statement. ADT bills for monitoring services in advance. Your bill statement due dates are determined based on the date your alarm service was activated and your billing frequency (monthly, quarterly, annually, etc). To view your statement online, log into, select the My Account tab, and click on Statements from the left hand menu.

10. How can I find my due date and pay my bill online?

To find your payment due date, locate your statement online by logging into your account, selecting the My Account tab, and clicking on Statements from the left hand menu. To make secure monthly payments online, sign up for EasyPay and check out the MyADT mobile app to manage your accounts on the go.

11. Can I change the due date for my bill?

No. Your bill statement date is based on when your alarm service was activated and your payment frequency (monthly, quarterly, annually, etc.). You can, however, change the draft date if you're registered on EasyPay

12. I lost my invoice and want to send a payment. What address do I send it to and what should I note on my check?

Log into to download your billing statements. You will find the address of the correct payment location on the statement. Indicate your ADT account number on your check, along with your name and address. Remember, you can always make a one-time payment or sign up for EasyPay on

13. Why am I no longer receiving a paper statement?

If you have signed up for ADT EasyPay you will no longer receive a statement in the mail. Electronic copies of your statement will continue to be available online. 

If you are not using ADT EasyPay, log into, select the My Account tab, then click on Pay Bill to review the billing address we have on file or to request a change if it is incorrect.

14. Why can't I see my payment history?

A shortened, blank or partial payment history could be the result of a having a new account, as payment history is not available until accounts are at least 30 days old or due to recent improvements made to ADT's billing system, which may have affected the availability of your account payment history. These changes have no effect on billing amounts, but they do prevent the account portal from displaying them for some customers. 

Please note that a payment not displayed is not an indication that ADT did not receive the payment.

15. How can I modify my ADT service?

Whether you want to make changes to your security or you’re looking for better pricing options, we can accommodate your needs and your budget.

Learn more about how to modify your ADT service.

16. Can I extend my warranty?

Yes. ADT offers a special Extended Limited Warranty/Quality Service Plan (QSP) which will cover the repair or replacement costs of the equipment for just a few dollars each month. To get the Quality Service Plan for your ADT system, call the residential or business number on our Contact ADT page.

17. What is ADT's Quality Service Plan (QSP)?

To help protect you against the cost of unexpected service calls on your home security system, ADT offers extended limited warranty protection, called our Quality Service Plan, or QSP. While ADT's sophisticated electronic technology is designed to meet the highest standards, no manufactured equipment is 100% perfect. QSP adds the additional coverage you may need.  

To request this protection plan, please call the residential or business service number located on our Contact ADT page to speak with an ADT representative.

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