ADT Pulse FAQs

How do I remotely control and schedule lights on Pulse?

ADT Pulse Lighting Control lets you automate lights and other small appliances in your home, helping to reduce energy use and enhance security. It works with a variety of lighting options, including custom wall switches, on/off or dimming modules and set up is easy. 

If you want to turn on your lights at night before you get home:

1. Log into your Pulse portal 
2. Go to the Schedules tab and click Add Schedule 
3. Click more options to give the scheduled event a name 
4. Enter a start time and an end time 
5. Then specify the number of times you want the event to repeat 
6. You can also set it to randomize so your lights will go on and off periodically 
7. Choose the Days 
8. Select the Start and End Action 
9. Choose the desired Modes 
10. Then click Save 

If you want to turn on or off your lights or small appliances connected to your system at any time: 

1. Log into your Pulse app 
2. Touch the Light icon 
3. Choose the light or appliance you want to control and press On or Off 
4. If a light has the dimmer module, select the desired Brightness level 

To prevent walking around in the dark at night, lights can also be programmed to turn on or off when doors are opened or movement is detected.