ADT Pulse FAQs

If you are a current ADT Pulse video user, please be aware that the U.S. Department of Homeland Security recently advised Windows PC users to uninstall Apple’s QuickTime video player. We strongly encourage ADT customers to heed this advice. To view your ADT Pulse video, customers will still be able to access the feed through the Basic Video option. If you download stored video clips to your machine, you can view the clips using the Windows Media Player.

The announcement is for personal computers (desktops and laptops) that are running on a Windows-based operating system, and have installed the Apple QuickTime application. This does not impact systems that run the Mac-OS.

There is no impact to the viewing of your ADT Pulse video through the Basic Video option. None of the ADT Pulse platform, desktop or mobile applications have any connection to the QuickTime application that is impacted. Your video remains safe for your viewing.

To view stored clips, download the clips using a Google Chrome browser to your local PC. These clips will then be viewable using your Windows Media Player. Only the Chrome browser supports the download functionality.