ADT Pulse FAQs

The Admin setting allows this person (or persons) to remove users or delete a Family. The Admin may also edit or delete any Places in a Family. 

Here’s how to assign, change or remove Admin privileges:
  1. Go to the Menu and tap on Settings
  2. Tap on Family and then on the slider button next to the person you wish to have or remove Admin privileges
NOTE: Make sure there’s always at least one other Admin before removing yourself as an Admin.

Push notifications enable you to choose to receive alerts in addition to, or in place of, SMS and e-mail alerts. Push notifications are specific to system notifications and camera motion. Please note that you cannot opt out of receiving email notifications. Here’s how to set it up:  

1. When you download the latest version of the Pulse app, you will be introduced to the push notification functionality with a message 
2. Click on the link in the message 
3. Tap Allow to ensure the alerts are sent 
4. You can verify that push notifications are turned on by looking through the settings in the hamburger menu. You will also see a new message within the message tray with additional details on how to implement the notifications. 

Please note that only site owners will receive the prompt to enable push notifications. If you are not a site owner, you won’t see a prompt or have the option to set up push messaging. 

If you received a push notification, but other family members did not, it is because only site owners will receive push notifications. To set up additional site users, please follow these steps:  
1. Log out of the Pulse app 
2. The site owner should log back into their family member’s device using the site owner login credentials 
3. Accept the prompt to Allow push notifications 
4. Log out of the app again 
5. Log back in with your own credentials 

If you have multiple Pulse sites, you’ll automatically receive push notifications for all eligible sites once your device is registered. 

If you already receive notifications via text messages and you opt-in to push notifications, you may want to remove your phone number from the text message recipient list in the Pulse web portal to stop the text notifications. Please note that only site owners can remove alert recipients from the site.

ADT Pulse customers can now upgrade to the new version of the ADT Pulse App from the iTunes App Store®.

Yes, if you have automatic updates enabled, then the new version will automatically download and override the existing Pulse App.

Users with OS 9-10 will be able to update the new ADT Pulse App.

ADT Pulse customers can now upgrade to the new version of the ADT Pulse App from the Google Play®.

Yes, if you have automatic updates enabled, then the new version will automatically download and override the existing Pulse App.

Users with Android OS 4.4 - 7 will be able to download the new ADT Pulse App.

Android 2.0/3.0 users have several options:  

1. Continue using the ADT Pulse App that they currently have on their phone or tablet.

2. Access the web portal at *Note: There are limitations with this solution. For example: Video and thermostats will not display properly. In addition, this web site will show the "Old" Pulse user interface.  

3. Access the mobile portal at

No. Once a user deletes the existing ADT Pulse App from their phone after the new version is launched, there is no way to download it again. The old Pulse App will no longer be available from the app store.

We are working on better ways of incorporating voice in the Pulse App in the future. Currently we have the option to use Amazon Alexa to control your system with your voice. Once you enroll with Alexa, you will not need to log into your Pulse App to control your system through your voice.

If you see a 403 error (or network 403, or any kind of error 403), it means the server could not authenticate your credentials. 

If you are experiencing performance issues with your Pulse app, we suggest logging out of the mobile app or portal and logging back in. Our teams are aware of the intermittent issues and are working to resolve them. Please rest assured that your system is functioning properly and being monitored by ADT. 

For iOS users, visit the iTunes App Store® to download the latest version now.

For Android Users, visit Google Play® to download the latest version now.

To get step-by-step instructions, review the ADT Pulse Mobile App User Guide.