ADT Go Product End of Support FAQs                         ADT Go FAQs

ADT Go Product End of Support FAQs

What's happening?

ADT GO will be removed from the Apple iTunes and Google Play stores on June 19, 2020 and will no longer be supported after July 19, 2020. You can still enjoy protection on the go with SoSecure, ADT's newest app - for free!


What does this mean?

If you don't already have ADT Go, it means you won’t be able to download it from the Apple iTunes and Google Play stores.

If you are a current user, while the app will still be accessible on any device where it is installed, it will no longer be supported. You can expect the following:

  • You will be able to access your circle’s driving and location history until July 19, 2020.
  • You will not be able to add new members to your circle as of June 19, 2020, since the app will not be available for download.
  • If you delete the app on or after June 19, 2020, you will not be able to re-download it since it will be removed from the Apple iTunes and Google Play stores.


Check out SoSecure, ADT's newest personal safety app

Thank you for being an ADT Go customer! While ADT Go is a great app that many customers appreciated, we understand that our customer's needs have shifted. Keeping true to our core values of safety and security, we want to meet your varying needs, whether you are a college student, a realtor, a shift worker, a rideshare or delivery driver.

To best serve you, we needed to create a next-generation mobile security app – and free SOS emergency response, multiple ways to request help, and your personal identity profile are just the beginning. As we continue to develop SoSecure, we will add more features that are security-centric and also address the diverse needs of the different customers we serve.

Yes, you can cancel your ADT Go subscription at any time via the ADT Go app.

Follow these steps to cancel your account:

  1. Go to the Menu
  2. Tap on Settings
  3. Tap on Account
  4. Tap on Delete Account

This will delete your entire account and remove you from your family on ADT Go.

Yes, any amount that was paid but unused will be refunded to the payment method you have set up to pay for your ADT Go services before ending your subscription.

All family/circle members connected to the circle owner’s paid account will be cancelled automatically when the circle owner cancels.

Yes, you can still enjoy protection on the go with SoSecure, ADT’s newest app – for free! You can download our SoSecure app in the Apple or Android Play Store. Visit for complete details.

No, your information will not automatically transfer between the two apps. Setting up your SoSecure account is easy and only takes a minute! Visit for complete details.

Think of SoSecure by ADT as your security lifeline on-the-go – whether you need to discreetly request emergency assistance or, you aren’t sure if you should call 911, but want to put someone ‘on guard’ just in case something goes awry. 

Yes, unlike ADT Go. Emergency response in the SoSecure app is free. As we add more (optional) features, there may be a cost associated with those new features. It’s your choice whether you want to add those features.

The SoSecure app provides free SOS emergency response that can be activated using an in-app slider or discreetly via in-app chat. Like ADT Go, ADT will share your location, along with any identification details that can help 911 find you faster. Any emergency contacts you list in the app will be notified if there’s an emergency. ADT is developing the SoSecure app and additional features will be available soon.

The SoSecure app is currently available for free to everyone!


ADT Go is both a Web and mobile application that allows you to view your family members on a map and receive alerts when your loved ones arrive at home, school or work, and more. 

ADT Go provides:

  • Fast Emergency Response
  • 24/7 ADT Professional Monitoring and Live Agent Support
  • Location Sharing so you can set up Private Maps for your Family
  • Real-Time GPS Location Data
  • Notifications when Family Members Arrive at their Destinations
  • Driver Safety with Automatic Crash Detection with Emergency Response*
  • Safe Driving Analysis**
  • 24/7 Roadside Assistance
  • Nearby Crime Data

* Crash detection does not detect 100% of automobile crashes. ** Do not use driver safety analysis in a way that distracts you while driving

ADT Go is a location-based service that allows family members to share their location with each other.

Features of ADT Go include:

  • Location Alerts - Get alerts when your loved ones arrive at home, school, work or anywhere you choose.
  • Driving Safety - Crash Detection, Weekly Driver Reports and Extended Roadside Assistance help keep you safe while on the go.
  • SOS Emergency Response - If there’s an emergency, notify ADT with the SOS Emergency Response button to get immediate help.

The Admin setting allows this person (or persons) to remove users or delete a Family. The Admin may also edit or delete any Places in a Family. 

Here’s how to assign, change or remove Admin privileges:

  1. Go to the Menu and tap on Settings
  2. Tap on Family and then on the slider button next to the person you wish to have or remove Admin privileges

NOTE: Make sure there’s always at least one other Admin before removing yourself as an Admin.

Currently you can only be a member of one Family within the app. However, you can always leave a Family and join another if you’d like.

Currently you can only be a member of one Family within the app. However, you can always leave a Family and join another if you’d like.

To invite someone to your Family:

  1. Go to the Map screen
  2. Tap “Invite New Members” toward the bottom of your map to view your invite code
  3. Tap “Send Code” to send invitations to everyone you want in your Family. Your invitation will contain a special link as well as the code itself and may be sent via text, email, or any of the messaging apps on your phone
  4. Each person will need to install the ADT Go app on their own mobile device and create their own ADT Go account consisting of a functional mobile phone number, personal password, and profile  

If you need to leave a Family but still keep it intact for the other members, here’s how:

  1. Go to the Menu and tap on Settings
  2. Tap on Family settings and then on the slider button next to the person you wish to remove Admin privileges
  3. NOTE: Be sure to assign the Admin role to someone else before you go.

If you need to remove someone from the Family, you must be the Admin to do so, here’s how:

  1. Go to the Menu and tap on Settings
  2. Tap on Family
  3. Tap on "Edit" in the top right corner
  4. Tap the name of the person you wish to remove, then on "Delete" at the bottom

Places are locations you can define so you’re alerted when a Family member enters or leaves a location. Some examples of Places you might want to set up are work, home and school. Your Family can set up to 100 unique Places and receive unlimited Place Alerts when a Family member arrives or leaves. 

To set up Places, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Menu
  2. Tap on Places
  3. Tap on "Add" in top right corner
  4. Add a name for this Place
  5. Move the map to center the pin on the location, or manually enter an address
  6. Set the radius of the zone below the map. TIP! Smaller will be more accurate
  7. Tap "Save" in the top right corner

NOTE: When setting up Places, it’s important that two or more Places don’t overlap each other. If they do, it may appear that someone is in one place when they’re actually in the other. If the radius of two or more Places overlap, touch each other, or are extremely close, you’ll have inaccurate locations and alerts. A place radius cannot be smaller than 250 feet.

You can edit a Place and the radius as long as you created it. To edit Places, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Menu
  2. Tap on Places
  3. Tap on the Place you want to edit
  4. Tap "Edit"
  5. Change the Place radius to 250 feet or move the pin
  6. Verify that two Places do not overlap or touch each other
  7. Tap on "Save"

The following illustration shows two common mistakes in making Places:

  1. The two Places overlap. If you’re at "Outback Steakhouse" in the far left side of the picture, Family members might get an alert saying you are at "Smiths," which is shown on the far right of the picture. This is because the two Places together cover this whole area.

Make sure each phone has all location services turned ON, including GPS and Wi-Fi. Turning GPS on for your phone doesn’t improve the accuracy of your Family members' locations – they must turn this ON for their phone.  


Turning on Wi-Fi on your device dramatically improves location accuracy, even if you’re not actively connected to a Wi-Fi network. Your device uses the Wi-Fi sensor to detect nearby Wi-Fi base stations and narrow your exact location based on that information. With Wi-Fi on, your device can quickly locate you within the bounds of a building, but with Wi-Fi off, your location accuracy can be off by more than a mile, as your device needs to rely on less precise location inputs (such as the location of cell phone towers). 


Accuracy depends on many factors, such as your environment and your phone. At times, a highly accurate location won’t be available as some areas might have very poor signal or no signal at all. Having the app open on your phone improves your location accuracy; when the ADT Go app is running in the background, location accuracy won’t be as high.


Here are the Apple and Android settings for best accuracy:

  • Location Sharing in the app settings needs to be turned ON for each member.

  • iOS location setting needs to be set to “Always”. Using the setting "While in Use" won’t allow the app to work correctly or maintain location accurately.

  • Low Power Mode on iOS: Low Power mode reduces or turns off background app refresh, which will prevent ADT Go from running. When enabled, the battery icon at the top of your phone will appear yellow. Disable Low Power Mode to maintain your ADT Go connection.

  • Cellular Data - ADT Go must be allowed to use cellular data to function properly.

  • High Accuracy Mode needs to be on for Android devices.

  • Smart Manager on Android: This prevents certain tasks from running if your phone has been sitting idle. The idea here is to save battery life by reducing power draw while you aren’t using your phone or the app. But if you have a particular app such as ADT Go that you want to leave running no matter what, you can disable the "App Optimization" mode for that app. This needs to be done to allow ADT Go to run in the background and update regularly.

Driver Protect is a premium product that provides driving peace of mind for you and your loved ones. When ADT Go detects a crash from a Family member, we contact the member and their emergency contacts right away.* We dispatch emergency services by request, even if they can’t answer. With Driver Protect, your entire Family can view driving events, including phone usage during drives, hard braking, rapid acceleration and top speed. Crash detection does not detect 100% of automobile crashes. The driver’s cell phone must be on, powered, and fully functional for crash detection features to work. 


Your Family also has access to 24/7 Live Driver Support, which you can call at anytime, anywhere for help with minor accidents, towing, jump starts, emergency weather advice and more. Driver Protect uses patent-pending advanced technology to help keep you and your loved ones safe when driving. ADT’s proprietary Driver Protect service uses next generation software and algorithms that allow ADT to analyze your activities and behavior and then notify us in case of an accident. 


*Crash detection, emergency response and 24/7 Live Driver Support are only available in the U.S. Crash detection does not detect 100% of automobile crashes.

When enabled, Drive Detection will show when each member is driving. To track your Family members' driving behavior, enable the feature on your account and theirs. Analysis records driving Events such as speeding, phone usage, hard braking and rapid acceleration. 

A drive is detected after 1/4 mile of constant motion at a speed of at least 20/mph. Driver Protect will not work in vehicles that are moving under 20/mph (so some fender benders and rear-end bumps will not register). Driver Protect depends on data from the user's mobile phone, so if cell service or bandwidth or GPS signals are interrupted or less than two signal bars, Driver Protect may not properly function. Driver Protect won’t work when the phone battery is 20% or lower. 

To turn on Drive Detection, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Menu
  2. Tap on Settings
  3. Tap on Drive Detection
  4. Tap on the slider to activate
  5. Do this on each member's device


When subscribed to the Driver Protect plan, Driving Events can help a Family better understand their driving behavior and correct it to become safer and more responsible drivers. Below is a list of the different events and how they're tracked.

Hard Braking
Shown when the vehicle comes to an abrupt stop or hits the brakes aggressively, defined as Nmph/sec change in speed. In terms of speed, this is roughly equal to braking hard enough to slow the vehicle by 7 miles per hour or more in one second. Hard braking may be a sign of distracted driving or speeding.  

For example, the first image shows the small pop-up on the map that appears when you tap on “Hard Braking” in the red circle. It shows the spot on the map where hard braking occurred. When tapping on the little blue exclamation point, it shows the explanation in the image on the right. There are two instances of “Hard Braking” shown in the red circle. Tapping it again will show the second location of hard braking.

Rapid Acceleration 
Identifies a sudden burst of speed in a short amount of time, defined as Nmph/sec change in speed. A machine-learning algorithm is designed to rate a variety of accelerations as subjectively "rapid" depending on things like initial speed. Rapid acceleration can be a possible sign of reckless or distracted driving.

For example, the first image shows the small pop-up on the map that appears when you tap on “Rapid Accel” in the green circle. It shows the spot on the map where rapid acceleration occurred. When tapping on the little blue exclamation point, it shows the explanation in the image on the right. There are three instances of “Rapid Accel” shown in the green circle. Tapping it again will show the other locations of rapid acceleration in succession.

High Speed 
High speed displays when the vehicle exceeds 75 mph. Over 75 mph is considered a high-risk speed. At this time, the high-speed detection doesn’t take into account the speed limit on the road that the vehicle is on at the time. We’re working on providing this feature in a future update. 

For example, the first image shows the small pop-up on the map that appears when you tap on “High Speed” in the orange circle. It shows the spot on the map where high speed occurred. When tapping on the little blue exclamation point, it shows the explanation in the image on the right. There are five instances of “High Speed” shown in the orange circle. Tapping it again will show the other locations of high speed in succession.

Phone Usage 
The ADT Go app determines phone usage by detecting movement of the phone. It won’t detect use when the vehicle is stopped or with a hands-free device, and it doesn’t detect an actual call or text. Many cars these days have hands-free Bluetooth capabilities that allow for both making and receiving calls without the driver removing their hands from the wheel, or having to touch their phone at all due to steering wheel control buttons and voice activated calling. Also, many cars will display and read aloud, incoming text messages. Because of these features, drivers are able to carry on phone conversations without being involved in what’s commonly called "distracted driving," which involves the driver holding the phone in their hand, looking down at the phone to read texts, replying to texts, dialing and answering a call. For this reason, phone use in the app is determined by movement that would indicate it was caused by "distracted driving." 

For example, this particular drive didn’t have any phone usage events, but the process is the same to determine where “Phone Usage” occurred on the map.

Top Speed 
Top speed is reported at the end of a drive after all data is accumulated for the drive. The map won’t show where the top speed occurred on the map, unless it happens to coincide with a “High Speed” event. 

Battery Level 
Driving detection and behaviors won’t be monitored if the device battery is at 20% or less. At that point, the current drive will be shown as having ended. 

NOTE: Do not use Drive Detection and Analysis in a way that distracts you while driving.

The ADT Go app will work on iPhone and Android devices. 

Here are the device OS requirements:

  • Android 4.0.3 and up 
  • Apple iOS 10.0 and up 
  • Devices must have GPS, accelerometer, and gyroscope to use Driver Protect Plan  

The platforms do have slightly different elements (back button, home button), but everything works the same.

Yes, when someone’s battery dies, the ADT Go app will display their last known time and location.

No, at this time smart watches and tablets are not supported. The app is compatible with iPhone and Android devices.

For the launch, the two apps/services will function separately. However, the teams are working hard to integrate the products in the future.

No, at this time, no permits are needed to use the panic functionality.

The crime history goes back one year and depends on your specific location data, since some cities update their crime information more frequently than others.

Only the Admin for the Family pays the subscription when applicable. Each member of the Family will receive an invite code to use during the registration process.

You could be experiencing connection or location issues with the ADT Go app due to any of the following reasons. NOTE: These steps and settings need to be checked on the phone of the person having the issues:

  • The phone is turned off or the battery is below 20%
  • The phone is in airplane mode (turn airplane mode off)
  • The member has logged out
  • The member is in a different Family
  • Location Sharing has been turned off in the app itself
  • Data is limited, turned off or has run out
  • The phone is in an area where there is no or limited signal/connection (two bars or less)
  • Wi-Fi is not running correctly (turn off/on Wi-Fi before troubleshooting)
  • The member has logged on with multiple devices, like tablets or second phones (log out of all devices and log back into one)
  • The member has logged in with another Family member's email or phone number

Follow these steps to ensure the device is connected properly:

iPhone Devices
Turn on Background app refresh:

  1. Go to iPhone Settings
  2. Select General
  3. Select Background App Refresh
  4. Turn the Background App Refresh off and back on
  5. Turn the button off and back on for ADT Go

Check Location & Privacy Settings:

  1. Go to the iPhone Settings
  2. Select "Privacy"
  3. Tap on "Location Services"
  4. "Location Services" needs to be "ON"
  5. Scroll down and find ADT Go in the list of apps
  6. Make sure "allow location access" is set to "Always" (if not, the app will not work)

Android Devices
Reset the Location:

  1. Go to the phone Settings
  2. Select Location
  3. Press Mode
  4. Select High Accuracy
  5. Press the Back Button
  6. Turn Location off and back on

You can refresh the app on your phone by following these steps:

  1. Log out - press the menu button in the top left corner, press settings, then log out
  2. If this step doesn't work please follow the steps below
  3. Clear the cache for the app and uninstall the application
  4. Restart the device
  5. Re-install the application
  6. Log into ADT Go with your username and password

Invite codes allow you to connect with your friends and family members on the app. 

If you are a new user, follow these steps:

  1. If you received a message containing a special invitation link, tap on the link
  2. Open the ADT Go app and create an account using your own mobile phone number, a new password, and your new profile
  3. Next you’ll see a screen prompting you to type in your invite code
  4. If you tapped on a special invitation link, the app will try to type your invite code in for you and move on to the next screen
  5. If the app is unable to type in your code you may type it in yourself
  6. You will be shown an invitation containing a preview of the other members on that map
  7. Choose to accept the invitation or decline it
  8. Once accepted, you will be added to that Family

If you’re an existing user, find the Join a Family option in the Settings menu and enter your invite code on that screen.

No, the user that was invited must accept the invite on their own device. ADT Go is an opt-in application that values security and privacy. Therefore, there is no way to remotely accept an invite for someone else.

Yes, ADT Go is only available in the 50 US states and D.C. SOS response not available in Milwaukee.