My Account FAQs

It’s easy to get ADT security at your new home – and you don’t need to worry about bringing equipment with you. For your convenience, an ADT service technician can install a new system to help meet your security needs at your new address.

You should call ADT as soon as you are thinking about moving to explore all of the options available to you. At a minimum, you should call at least 30 days prior to your anticipated moving date.

In most cases, yes, when moving you will have to cancel your existing ADT contract since contracts are tied to an individual location. However, this is based on your account, so we recommend calling to verify what steps are needed to move your services to your new home.

In addition to your ADT Security system, we have tips to help you keep safe as you settle into a new neighborhood:

  • Locate Emergency Services in case you need the police, fire or EMS quickly.
  • Identify a neighbor to help in case of an emergency. 
  • Establish home safety rules for children and visitors, such as an evacuation route for your family members in case of a fire.
  • Be discreet with expensive purchases and do not leave large boxes on the curb that might lure thieves.

Review the Moving Check List on MyADT for additional helpful hints.

We have many ways to help keep your home safe while you’re away or on the go. ADT Command and Control allow you to manage your security system through an online portal, or at the touch of a smart device screen. To learn more about ADT Pulse features, visit our ADT Pulse Upgrade page.