ADT CellBridge FAQs


Cellular technology is changing. 3G is being replaced by 4G LTE across major cellular carriers and will eventually no longer be supported. When this occurs, your system's ability to communicate with ADT's monitoring center will be disrupted.

The ADT CellBridge will enhance your system's cellular service from 3G to 4G LTE and keep your system communicating. And the best part? All you have to do is plug it in!

The ADT CellBridge is free! There’s no extra cost for the device and your monthly service costs won’t change.

To determine if your system needs the CellBridge device, and to place your order, please call ADT Customer Care at (800) 724-9097.

Your order will be shipped directly to your secured home or business. Allow 3-5 business days for your CellBridge to arrive. If it hasn’t arrived, please call ADT Customer Care at (800) 724-9097.

  1. First, determine the placement of your CellBridge device. It should be within 25 feet of your alarm box. This is the box with all of the system wiring. It may not be attached or near the keypad you use to enter your system code.

    The CellBridge should be:
    • Set on a flat surface, in an elevated location approximately 3-6 feet off the ground, such as on top of a shelf or cabinet.
    • Placed with all four LED indicators and the Silence button facing upright.
    • Within reach of a non-switchable electrical outlet

  2. Plug your CellBridge directly into an outlet. Do not plug it into an extension cord or power strip.
    Note: Lay the CellBridge on its back on a shelf or furniture (off the floor), with the lights facing up.

  3. Once a connection is made, all LED lights will turn green.
    Note: This step could take 2-5 minutes (up to 15 minutes in some cases).

  4. Once the lights are all green, please check your email for confirmation of a successful connection.

    If you didn’t receive the email, please call (800) 724-9097 or visit to complete the install process.

  5. Once on the installation website, select the Continue button.

  6. Log into your MyADT account. If you don’t have a MyADT account, you select the Access your account using an alternative method button.
    Note: To log in using an alternative method, you need to know your Verbal Security Password.

  7. Once logged in or connected to your account, select the location (if you have multiple) where you’re installing the CellBridge device. Then click Continue to Next Step.

  8. Next, the ADT system will automatically check to see if signal from your device is received. If ADT receives a signal, you’ll see a Success message on your screen. Click the Continue button.

    Note: If you get a message telling you to put your system into test mode, then skip to question 8 for further instructions.

There are four lights located on the top of your CellBridge device. They include Power LED, 4G LTE, 3G and Status LED.

The lights on your CellBridge device could mean a few things. Here’s a helpful table to help you identify what your lights mean:


Light Indicator Troubleshooting Step
If the Power LED is Blinking Yellow or Red
  1. Confirm that your power cable is plugged in.
  2. Confirm that the breaker/switch for the outlet is on.
If 4G LTE LED is Blinking Yellow Try relocating your CellBridge device to another suitable location with better reception
If 4G LTE LED is Solid or Blinking Red

Try relocating your CellBridge device to another suitable location with better reception.

If the condition exists for more than 5 minutes, please contact Customer Care for additional help.

If 3G LED is Blinking Yellow Confirm that the alarm panel is powered on, and if the condition exists for more than 5 minutes, try relocating the device closer to the alarm panel.
If Status LED is Solid or Blinking Yellow The back panel may not be properly connected. Please contact Customer Care for additional help.
If Status LED is Solid or Blinking Red The battery may not be properly connected. Please call Customer Care to have a technician sent to your home.


Have questions or need more help? Call Customer Care at call (800) 724-9097.

If ADT doesn’t receive a signal from the CellBridge device after 10 minutes, then the installation app will display a screen asking you to put your system in Test mode. Here’s how:

  1. Click the Start Test Mode button.
    Note: The test mode duration will automatically default to one hour, however, the test normally doesn’t take longer than 10 minutes. Although your siren may sound, test mode prevents ADT from responding to the alarm during the test.

  2. Arm your system. Once the system is armed, press the Continue button

  3. Trigger an alarm by opening a protected door or window. Then press the I Triggered My Alarm button in MyADT.

    Note: The alarm must sound for at least 60 seconds to ensure ADT receives the signal and can perform the test. You have 30 minutes to trigger the alarm. After that, the session will time out and you must sign in again to perform the test.

  4. You’ll see a screen that shows your system is sending signal to ADT. Once it’s done, you’ll see a Success message. Then press the End Test button in MyADT. The system will automatically disable test mode.

    Note: If your system fails the test, you’ll have a few choices. You can try putting it in test mode again, troubleshoot it further, or call ADT Customer Care at (800) 724-9097 for assistance.