Zipato FAQ’s

To add the Zipato RGBW Light Bulb into a Z-Wave network, please follow these easy steps:

  1. Install the RGBW bulb into a standard E27 socket.
  2. Turn on the LED bulb using the wall or lamp switch.
  3. You will need to put your system into install mode. For now, please contact ADT Customer Care. However, soon you will be able to manage this right through the mobile app.
  4. Tap the bulb until it changes from bright white to green. The bulb will change back to white when it has been added successfully.
  5. If you are unable to add the bulb to your network, it may already have been added to another network. Follow the procedure for deleting the bulb from a Z-Wave network and try the Add procedure again.

Once installed, log into ADT Control app.

  1. In the Lights section within the app, tap Set light color on the light bulb to access the color selector for real-time control.
  2. The color selector displays the color most recently requested. Color commands are sent immediately after a new color is selected.
  3. Tap Done to select a color for the light bulb.

Note: Colors are not added to the Recent section until the user taps Done.

Once integrated with ADT, you can view and control multi-color lights. The Zipato RGBW light bulb's color and dim percentage can be updated real-time using the ADT Control app.

Yes! Multi-color lights can also be included in Scenes and schedules. This feature can improve comfort and even sleep cycles by waking up to cool lights and relaxing in the evening with warm lighting. Scenes can be edited to include multi-color lights from both the ADT Control mobile app and Control web portal (

At this time, ADT doesn’t carry or install Zipato equipment.