Sonos FAQ’s

Within your ADT Control app, you can play audio (e.g., music, playlists) from a list of favorites from your favorite streaming service control audio playback (play/pause, adjust volume, mute/un-mute, etc.); play audio on all speakers or speaker groups (e.g., Dining Room).

You can make your Sonos part of your smart home Scenes, like turning on music and adjusting the lights and thermostat to create the perfect atmosphere.

For additional controls, including audio source selection (e.g., stereo, Spotify, iTunes, etc.), speaker group management, and adding playlists and radio stations to your favorites for playback in the ADT Control app, launch the Sonos app directly from the ADT Control app.

Sonos is only capable of playing your “favorites” so it’s likely the account doesn’t have any favorites listed in it. If this is the case, you won’t see the play option on the Scene feature screen in the control app.

To add favorites via the Sonos app, find the Sonos icon on the audio feature screen. Once you navigate to the audio feature screen, you can slide down to see these in the Control app. You’ll then be directed to the Sonos app to add favorites. After adding them, they’ll display in the ADT Control app.