Lutron FAQ’s

Compatible Lutron solutions include:

  • Caséta Wireless. Note Smart Bridge Pro is required for integration with ADT.
  • RA2 Select
  • RadioRA 2 with firmware 6.1.0+
  • Homeworks QS with firmware 5.1.0+

Important: An internet connection is required for Lutron Integration. All communication with Lutron devices are routed through a gateway that is connected to the internet via an Ethernet connection.

First, you will pair all Lutron items through the Lutron hub. Once complete, you will then add the Lutron hub to your ADT account.

Once integrated with ADT Control, you will be able to view and control Lutron shades and lights on the ADT Control app. Features supported by Lutron Integration include:

  • Plug-in switch and dimmer control
  • In-wall switch and dimmer control
  • Light schedules

Yes. You can utilize the same rules and schedules available for Z-Wave lights, including Geo-Fence. Additional options in terms of scenes and rules are available through the Lutron software. The only exception is the rule that turns on a light when a Doorbell Camera button is pressed or senses motion, which is currently not offered.

Important: Any rules or schedules for Lutron devices must be created separately from the rules and schedules already created for Z-Wave lights. It is required to select Lutron Devices when creating these rules or schedules.

Integration with Lutron devices is done through the cloud. Lutron devices communicates with their respective gateway through their proprietary radio frequency (RF) called Clear Connect or wired communication. Lutron devices do not communicate locally with the security panel. This means that when connection with the gateway is lost, you will not be able to control the Lutron devices.

At this time, ADT doesn’t carry or install Lutron equipment.