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ADT can help you protect your customers from cyber threats

Every day, you want to do what’s right and what’s best for your customers. At the same time, you want to seek new opportunities to keep your own business thriving. As an ADT Cybersecurity Partner, you can do both, while providing even better protection against ever-evolving cyber threats.

ADT handles the heavy lifting

While you stay focused on your customers – both current and prospective – we’ll be in the background 24/7 with a highly skilled and trained team working with U.S.-based security operations centers, providing managed cybersecurity at a cost that makes more protection affordable for businesses.

Full support for our partners

With ADT, you’re never on your own. We have a full marketing and training support program to ensure you have the knowledge and tools you need to bring more customers into the fold and grow your business.

  • Marketing Collaboration
  • Co-branding, White labeling
The most recognized name in security

ADT carries the highest brand recognition in the industry. We’re the leader in security, and now we're offering cybersecurity solutions with U.S.-based operations centers providing rapid detection and response to cyber attacks for your customers.

  • 84% brand recognition 
  • 145+ years of experience 
  • Leader in business security

We provide robust, multi-layered protection

As an ADT Cybersecurity Partner, you’ll have access to managed cybersecurity solutions to offer your customers, backed by ADT.

Full-scale SOC/NOC-as-a-Service

Our network and security engineers are standing by 24/7/365 for support and troubleshooting so you can focus on what is core to your business.


Managed Firewall (Cloud or On-Prem)
  • ADT Cybersecurity offers a custom configuration to meet your customers’ unique needs with 24/7/365 monitoring. 
  • Our NOC team performs regular patches and provides executive reports to keep you informed.
  • Customizable VPN solutions allow for remote work without network changes or software installations so that your team can be efficient whether at home or in the office. 

MDR/aiSIEM-as-a-Service including ADT-IQTM
  • ADT-IQTM is an advanced threat management system that helps visualize, detect, and eliminate threats to the network in real-time. Managed 24/7/365 by our SOC engineers, who sift through alerts – involving you and/or acting on severe and critical security issues requiring attention – keeping you informed with customizable executive report. We offer flexible deployment (cloud, on-premise or hybrid) tailored to your specific client needs. 

BDR (Server & Endpoint Solutions)
  • Cloud-based backup and continuity service means there is no need for onsite hardware. You can also conveniently manage through our cloud service integrations (O365, G Suite, etc). 

Managed Email Security
  • With Email Filtering, you can detect and remove spam, viruses and malware; including harmful sandboxing. We also offer outage protection to store emails in the event of service interruption so that you never have to worry about losing your messages. 

Industry Recognition
ADT Cybersecurity is proud to have earned major recognition of its partner program from CRN, a leader in channel news, technology trends, business analysis and competitive research.


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Our ADT Cybersecurity team is ready to help you join the growing number of partners offering their customers ADT managed cybersecurity solutions. Contact us to get started.


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