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Whether you need an IP-based enterprise-level solution with hundreds of cameras or a simple system to secure a satellite location and everything in between, we have the technical expertise and resources to serve your needs.

Video surveillance systems

Video helps control costs as well as adds another layer of protection to your organization. Video surveillance systems can also help create audit trails for compliance that provide visual documentation, particularly in highly regulated industries like pharmaceuticals, healthcare and financial services. Everon™ can help you upgrade your legacy video equipment to a state-of-the-art digital system or build and deploy a new one.

Build the system you need

We can help you choose the video surveillance system that is right, not only for your facility but also your budget. Additionally, our advanced video solutions can be integrated with other technologies, including intrusion detection systems and access control systems, to deliver a holistic approach to securing your business. Our team of professionals are here to help.

Our digital recording solutions include DVRs, NVRs and networked servers that provide bandwidth-friendly solutions. This allows your security team remote access to the system to observe and research events using analytics and tools that pinpoint video events. In many cases, we can work with your legacy IT infrastructure to route video throughout your enterprise, or we can help you enhance your security and efficiency by having our integrated solutions team deploy a security-only network.

Digital video

Digital video solutions enhance security

Everon digital video solutions offer standard and advanced high-definition IP video security cameras, NVRs or enterprise-level servers to record and manage video operations. With remote web management and viewing, you can access real-time and recorded video to help make decisions about security anytime, from virtually anywhere.

HD quality

You’ll have HD video quality for both indoor and outdoor applications, with smart mode functionality for analyzing recorded video in greater detail.

User-friendly playback

Tap into user-friendly web and mobile app interfaces with live view and video playback capabilities from multiple camera feeds. You’ll also have event alerts and notifications to keep you informed.

Video data

Delivering the video data you need to make decisions

We offer a number of solutions that can help you review video and make smart decisions. Our core products include:

Cloud-hosted video

Enhance your security without a large capital investment or costly IT maintenance resources—using cloud computing and IP video.

Alarm event video

Save alarm events so you can view them in your eSuite portal along with alarm data. Video events can be tied to exceptions—like out-of-schedule panel disarm events—and then saved and viewed online at your convenience.

IT-friendly video

Overcome the bandwidth constraints of your network. We understand how to make video surveillance work with your legacy IT systems, and we can also show you how to achieve efficiencies by deploying a security-only network.

Web and mobile security management

Control and view live video from on-site cameras. You’ll be able to monitor the situation at your organization with full-color video that can be easily downloaded—even to your mobile device.

Video analytics

Use advanced, pattern-based analytics to cover high-threat areas in buildings or specified zones. If your system is triggered, the signal and video footage of what caused the alarm are sent not only to an Everon video monitoring center but also to your PC or smartphone. From there, a highly trained professional from our monitoring center will review the alarm signal and verify the crime and call emergency services, if appropriate. Video records are then stored at the edge, reside in the cloud, or stored on-site using DVRs, NVRs, and IT servers.

Managed video

Managed video services can save you manpower

If you’re struggling to keep up with the data stream your security system provides, managed plans are smart investments. You’ll have a team of professionals working with your data around the clock, and you’ll be notified if something unexpected happens.

Crimes in progress

Our video alarm verification system provides more detail about potential crimes in progress to help you cut back on false alarms and the associated fees. Video analytics offers even more protection, as the system can sense the difference between a true threat and a natural occurrence.

Employee safety

Our video assistance helps you to provide a safe and secure environment for your employees and customers through a remote video look-in capability and two-way audio. Video escorts offer additional protection for employees entering or leaving your facility after hours, while video guard tours offer remote scans of your premises when a guard is not on duty.


Analysts will be on hand to monitor your data, and you’ll be alerted when something unexpected happens. You’ll have video at your fingertips to dive deep into an issue as it unfolds, and your team can communicate with the authorities for you.

Leverage your existing video technology while enhancing your security program by reducing false alarms and improving safety protocols.

On-site storage

On-site video storage solutions give you access

The data your system delivers can be crucial during an investigation. You may also need to access your data to understand an emerging trend. Our on-site storage solutions allow you to record, store, and view video on-site or from your mobile device.

Manage remotely

This storage system helps you to monitor your business from virtually anywhere. Use it to monitor and manage key operational processes, such as:

  • Customer interactions
  • Employee productivity
  • Entries and exits to sensitive areas

Triggered alerts

You’ll receive event-triggered alerts with video clips to increase awareness of site activity. This system will seamlessly expand your video solutions as your business grows.


Cloud video management for flexibility

Looking for another way to reduce your costs? Consider the cloud.

Secure online environment

Our cloud-based video surveillance solution allows you to record, store, and access video from multiple locations in a secure online environment without the need to manage servers and software. You won’t need to make a large upfront investment—just pay for what you need.

Robust options

Use a system like this to view secure real-time or recorded video of key operational processes. Choose what video to store locally and determine what should be stored in the cloud. Set role-based permission levels to control who can view and/or download video.

If you haven’t reviewed your video capabilities in the past two years, you could be missing the opportunity to employ additional technology rather than additional people.

With feature-rich local storage devices and commercial-grade cameras, Everon video surveillance systems are customized to meet your unique business needs. Contact us to find out more about how our systems work and which one might be right for you.

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