Video Monitoring Services

Leverage your existing video technology while enhancing your security program by reducing false alarms and improving safety protocols.
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Enhance and Optimize Your Security Program with Video Monitoring Services

Benefit from custom solutions that help automatically detect unauthorized activity on-site while providing peace of mind for employees. Our video monitoring specialists are on hand to provide assistance through remote video and advanced analytics tools when needed.

  • Video Alarm Verification

    ADT Commercial verifies on-site activity in real-time through video cameras, helping reduce false alarms and provide better intel to first responders.

  • Advanced Video Analytics

    Capture crucial surveillance footage in real-time using comprehensive and complex video filters that enhance people detection and reduce false alarms.

  • Video Tours

    We perform remote video guard tours at the times and intervals you select, helping detect suspicious activity or unusual conditions without increasing your on-site physical guard costs.

  • Video Escort

    Leverage video escort services to provide an added layer of protection and peace of mind to employees during open and close procedures or as they enter and exit your building.

  • Help Assist Response

    We respond to incidents triggered by a two-way communication device partnered with interactive remote video to provide your employees with immediate access to professional security assistance.

  • Video Health Checks

    Ensure your system is running as expected with analytic-based detection of video obstructions, camera positioning and degraded picture quality.

Real-Time Activity Reporting

With eSuite℠ account management, you can:

  • View live and recorded camera footage
  • Review alarm events, including video clip playback from the past 12 months
  • Pull critical location and business activity reports

Discover how eSuite can help you gain insight into your facility.

Enhance Your Business Intelligence Through Video

Whether you need an IP-based enterprise-level solution with hundreds of cameras or a simple system to secure a satellite location and everything in between, we have the technical expertise and resources to serve your needs.

Benefit from our network of state-of-the-art monitoring centers to help to increase your efficiency while mitigating your losses.

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