Our Enterprise Security Risk Group (eSRG) helps you identify your risks—and then build programs to help manage them. It is staffed by senior executives with a background in intelligence, business continuity, business process optimization, organizational change, and technology.

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Inform on critical decisions and strategy


Align organizational risks and goals


Maximize investments of critical system components


Measure and improve organizational strength

Build the system you need

We enable security executives to become trusted advisors to their peers and help prepare you for your role, augmenting services you need to serve your team well. And, more importantly, we help you prepare for the unexpected so your organization can respond in a time of crisis.

This process is guided by the professional discipline, principles and philosophy of enterprise security risk management.

ADT Commercial will:


Independently assess your risk and organizational alignment


Build a value-based security program and plan


Identify the people and process metrics that continuously improve your performance


Create the technology roadmap and metrics to optimize your people and processes


Provide managed services to augment your staff, your intelligence and your reporting

Our team partners with your key stakeholders to:


Develop standards that reflect your industry and organization


Define the security architecture


Deliver a detailed strategic plan that includes product and system options and identifies critical features needed to reach your goals

We help ensure exceptional performance with:

  • Experienced project managers in the disciplines of security, construction and project management
  • Collaborative processes, including budget development, project elements and metrics
  • Scheduled communication with stakeholders
  • Delivery on time, on scope and on budget

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