ADT Commercial Licenses


LICENSE INFORMATION: AL Complaints against licensees may be directed to the Alabama Electronic Security Board of Licensure, 7956 Vaughn Rd., Montgomery 36116, (334) 264-9388; AK 37950, 5520 Lake Otis Pkwy., Anchorage, AK 99507; AR E12-041, Regulated by Arkansas Bd. of Private Investigators & Private Security Agencies, #1 State Police Plaza Dr., Little Rock, AR 72209, (501) 618-8600; AZ 312217 CA ACO7155, Public Works Contractor 1000046587, Alarm Company Operators are licensed and regulated by the Bureau of Security & Investigative Services, Dept. of Consumer Affairs, Sacramento, CA 95814, PPO120288, 974443; CT ELC.0185782-L5, HIC.0647782; DC DMS902349; FL EF0001121; GA LVA205265, 205326, 205572, 205679, 205878, LVU406440,405673, 004349; HI CT-32297; ID ELE-SC-2643;IL 124001792; LA F1639, F1654, F1643,F1640; MA 172C; MI 3601207111, –4182 Pier North Dr. Ste. D, Flint, MI 48504; 5103397;MN TS650251; NC 7535P2, 7561P2, 7563P7, 7565P1, 7566P9, 7564P4, Alarm Systems Licensing Bd., 4901 Glenwood Ave., Ste 200, Raleigh, NC 27612 (919) 788-5320;NJ Burg & Fire Business Lic #34BF00048300, 200 East Park, Ste. 200, Mt. Laurel, NJ 08054; NM 17-0040; NV 0077105; 1728;NY 12000305615, Licensed by NYS Dept. of State; OH 50-18-0018; 50-25-0023; 50-29-0003; 50-31- 0014; 50-48-0008; 50-50-0005; 50-76-0006; 50-89-0016, 53-89-1726, 54-60-1195; OK 1995; OR 196560; PA Pennsylvania Home Improvement Contractor Registration Number: PA090797; RI 35683, AF-09040 and BF-09040; TN ACC-1688, 1690, 1691, 1692, 1693, 1694, 1695, 1696; TX B17944 -1817 W. Braker Ln. Ste. 400, Austin 78758 – Texas Private Security Bureau, 5805 N. Lamar Blvd., Austin 78752, O756553, ECR-2186878; HCR-2186886; UT 8289653-6501 VA 11-7348; 11-7345; 11-7354;11-7351;11-7598; 2705147728 Class A Contractor Classification ESC and FAS; WA ADTLLL881DO, 11824 N. Creek Pkwy. #105, Bothell, WA 98011; WV 049758

MS 15019511


State Jurisdiction Type of license License #
CA State Contractor C7, C61/D16, C10, C28 323622
CA State Public Works Contractor (DPR) 1000000559


State Jurisdiction Type of license License #
OR City of Beaverton Business License 24658
OR City of Grants Pass Business Tax Certificate BTAX-015952-07-2017
OR City of Medford Business License 18-00010757
OR City of Molalla Business License 496
OR City of Newport Business License No Info
OR Portland Metro Contractor BL 9979
OR State Construction Contractors Board 185024
OR State Limited Energy Contractor 26-497CLE
WA State Construction Contractor (DLI) CC ARONSSG011PD
WA State Electrical Contractor (DLI) EC06, EC6A EC ARONSSG013C6


State Jurisdiction Type of license License #
CA State Contractor C7 966810
MA State Security Systems S-License SS-002121
NJ State Fire Alarm/Burg Alarm License 34BX00018100
NY State Alarm Installer 12000318865
WV State Contractor License WV050343
WV State Low Voltage License LV1666257241203

Access Security Group

State Jurisdiction Type of license License #
MD State Master Electrician 13565
VA Arlington County Business License BLC-1000008355-02
VA State Class A Contractor 2705098253


State Jurisdiction Type of license License #
AL State AESBL 16-7956
FL Broward County Business License 181-3115
FL Town of Davie Business License 2
FL Town of Fort Pierce Alarm Systems License 19-00025570
FL City of Lakeland Business License 1393392
FL Pinellas County Business License I-EF20001044
FL Polk County Business License 106693
FL City of Port St. Lucie Computer Service Member 12257
GA City of Marietta Contractor class EC 75566
TX State Business License B20244


State Jurisdiction Type of license License #
MD City of Baltimore Alarm Company Registration 814
MD Charles County Alarm Company Registration 795904
MD Howard County Alarm Company Registration 515
MD Montgomery County Alarm Business License 876


State Jurisdiction Type of license License #
DE State Security Systems License 07-111
NJ State Fire Protection Contractor P01528
NJ State Burglar Alarm License 34BX00019700


State Jurisdiction Type of license License #
OR State Construction Contractor 55414
OR State Limited Energy Contractor 34-215CLE
WA City of Vancouver Business License 601095210-Vancouver
WA State Construction Contractor CC PROTEI*837K3
WA State Electrical Contractor EC PROTEI*033BN

Red Hawk

State RH Entity Type of license License #
AL PLA Fire Alarm Contractor A-0630
AL RH Burg. Alarm, CCTV, Access Control & Locksmith work 2018/19-768
AL RH General Contractor License S-54002
AR ACS AR Contractors License 0072630420
AR RH Class E Alarm System - Unrestricted CMPY.0001951
AZ RHCA C-16 Fire Protection Systems 281369
AZ RHCA CR67 Low Voltage Communications Systems 281370
AZ RH Firm Registration 20423-0
CA RHCA Public Works Contractor 1000006967
CA RHCA Alarm Company Operator 7437
CA RHCA Fire Protection, Electrical Contractor 713099
CA RHCA Fire Extinguisher License 2491
CA RHCA Registered with the local Fire Department 10581802
CO RH Fire Alarm Systems Contractor (Denver) 2019 1605778 00 CL
CO RH Fire Alarm Systems Contractor Supv License (Denver) 2018 1441015 00 SL
CO RH Fire Suppression Systems Contractor 19-S-08841
CT RH Electrical Unlimited Contractor ELC.0202499-E1
CT RH Fire Protection Unlimited Contractor FRP.0040818-F1
DC RH Basic Business License 602518000017
DE RH Class I Fire Alarm Signaling Systems FAL-0348
DE RH Security Systems and Protective Services 99-51
DE TTM Security Systems and Protective Services 07-218
FL RH Fire Protection Contractor FPC14-000102
FL RH Certified Electrical Contractor EC13004155
FL RH Alarm System Contractor I EF0001151
FL ATCi Certified Electrical Contractor EC13008649
FL ISOF Alarm System Contractor I EF0000321
GA RH Low Voltage Contractor LVA206031
ID RHCA Electrical Limited Contractor 034477
IL RHSS Private Alarm Contractor Agency 127001626
LA PLA Security, Fire Alarm, Locksmith F311
LA PLA Commercial Contractor 14156
MA RH Security Systems - S License SSCO-001421
MA RH Sprinkler Contractor SC5864
MA RH Security Systems Cert of Clearance CC‐016044
MA RH Non Gaming Vendor Registration NGV0001007
MA RH Systems Contractor 7012C
MD RH Non Water Base Fire Extinguisher Systetems NW-166
MD RH Service Portable Fire Extinguisher FE-385
MD RH Sprinkler Contractor, Class I, IIIc MSC444
MD RH Security Systems Agency 107-2033
MS PLA Class A Contractor, FAS, FSP, SPR 15025154
MS PLA Alarm Systems & Equipment 20547-SC
NC RH Unlimited Contractor License ‐ any project U.32980
NC RH Burglar Alarm Business 185875‐CSA
NJ RH Public Works Contractor 707461
NJ RH Electrical Contractor, FBL 34AL000032
NM RH General Building and Low Voltage Contractor 356671
NV RH C‐41 Fire Protection Contractor 0080846
NV RH C‐2D Electrical Contractor 0082257
NY RHNY Security and Fire Alarm Systems 12000306243
Licensed by the N.Y.S. Department of State
OK RH Access, CCTV, Comm/Resi Fire Burg., Lock, Monitor AC810
RI RH Burglar Alarm 0356
RI RH Telecomm Video 5862
RI RH Fire Protection Master FPM435
RI RH Fire Alarm Contractor AF9065
RI RH Fire Alarm Installer BF09834
RI RH Telecomm System Contractor 975
TN RH Locksmith Company 266
TN RH Alarm Contractor 111
TX RH Security Alarm, Electronic Access, Locksmith B01809
TX RH Fire Alarm ACR1751015
VA RH Class A Contractor FAS, FSP, SPR 2705153770
VA RH Private Security Service 11‐9052
WA RHCA Fire Sprinkler Contractor Level I&T REDHAHF885OK
WA Chn Elec. Electrical Contractor CHAINEH933R7
WA RHCA Electrical Contractor REDHAHF882NH
WA RHCA Fire Sprinkler Contractor Level I&T REDHAHF885OK‐7747
WY RH Low Voltage Contractor LV-G-18669