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Dallas, TX

We’re dedicated to innovation with a single focus in mind—you, our commercial customers. That’s why we established our Innovation Lab in Dallas, TX .

The Innovation Lab is driven by daily collaboration between innovation partners, engineers and project managers—leading the industry in careful and close analysis of the needs of commercial security amidst a fluctuating landscape. The goal is to revolutionize existing solutions and develop new ones to anticipate future needs.

We take chances at the Innovation Lab, exploring solutions and trending technologies that we recognize could be at the core of the next generation of security. We explore everything from AI-based solutions, machine learning and augmented reality to custom analytics and identifying an ethical approach to technology development.

The groundbreaking work we do every day in our Innovation Lab is entirely focused on being on the cutting edge—it’s about innovating with a purpose, innovating with integrity, and innovating not just for the here-and-now, but for the future of commercial security.

EvoGuard autonomous robot in hallway with EvoGuard by Everon logo superimposed

As one of the first solutions to be developed in our dedicated Innovation Lab, EvoGuard™ by Everon brings the latest intelligent guarding solutions and services to the forefront of the industry. EvoGuard’s intent is to leverage artificial intellgience (AI) and augmented reality (AR) features that support the use of humanoid robots and drones in commercial facilities.*

Exploring Advanced Security Solutions at the Forefront of Technology

Our teams in the Innovation Lab are dedicated to identifying next-generation, innovative technologies and bringing the future of security into the here-and-now. Here, our team works alongside a humanoid robot, which is a part of our EvoGuard brand of intelligent autonomous guarding solutions.

Operator with arm around shoulder of robot
Robot, operator and lab manager
Operator wearing Virtual Reality headset and holding controllers for robot operation

Discover more about how these guarding technologies are on the cutting edge—allowing you to more efficiently navigate evolving threats and enhance your security program on every level in the future.

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As the world around us continues to rapidly change, we’re taking chances and striving to be proactively ahead of the curve to address your evolving security needs. Everon’s dedicated innovation program — aimed at emerging and developing technologies — was established to directly address challenges facing security leaders today.

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Pilot Partner Field Testing

Photo collage of field tests of robot guards

We believe that the only environment in which innovation can thrive is if it’s driven by the end user. Any solution developed in our Innovation Lab goes through rigorous, collaborative field testing with select pilot partners—representing a wide variety of commercial facilities, business types, and vertical markets—before we go to market.

Pilot partner field testing gives our dedicated teams the chance to learn directly from you, the end users. This process is a constant feedback loop, giving users the opportunity to influence product development. Through it, you have a hand in innovating right along with us, offering critical recommendations that can help ensure a solution best meets the needs and brings the most value to your commercial organization.

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*EvoGuard™ products are currently in development and may change, evolve, or be removed prior to sale. EvoGuard products are intended for indoor commercial use only and are not available for deployment in all types of facilities. Robotics solutions may require third-party virtual reality hardware, software, and related accounts. Please refer to product documentation and manufacturers’ end user license agreements at the time of commercialization for a full list of product features, capabilities, and system requirements and limitations.

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