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Dallas, TX

We’re dedicated to innovation with a single focus in mind—you, our commercial customers. We’re driven to address your needs better, streamline your security operations, prioritize the protection of your people and assets—all while keeping budgets in check.

That’s why we established our Innovation Lab in Dallas, TX. Our innovation partners, engineers and project managers on-site every day at our Innovation Lab are specifically looking for revolutionary ways to help advance the commercial security industry and build that path forward through new technology.

We’re always taking chances, striving to be proactive, to innovate and expand into emerging markets and technologies—all to continue to be that One Ideal Partner for you.

Surveillance drone

Guarding Solutions

ADT Commercial is revolutionizing the future of security guarding with intelligent autonomous guarding solutions, including humanoid robots and drones. With the first products expected to be commercially available in 2023, the portfolio of intuitive, interactive EvoGuard™ solutions will soon allow user to surveil their surroundings dynamically—providing monitoring, video surveillance, two-way communication and more at your facility.

Learn more about how these groundbreaking guarding technologies will soon be able to effectively enhance your security program.

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As the world around us continues to rapidly change, we’re taking chances and striving to be proactively ahead of the curve to address your evolving security needs. ADT Commercial's dedicated innovation program — aimed at emerging and developing technologies — was established to directly address challenges facing security leaders today.

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Innovation partners

Halodi Robotics demonstration with human operator

Halodi Robotics

Our work with Halodi Robotics is focused on developing new algorithms and solutions for the technology platform to eventually bring humanoid robotics to a variety of commercial environments and security applications. While the presence of robotics in security has been trending upwards for years, our partnership with Halodi signifies a unique opportunity to develop a humanoid robotics solution that is cost-effective to streamline operations and help commercial customers to protect their greatest asset—their people.

Screenshot from Percepta AI presentation

Percepta AI

ADT Commercial is actively developing the application of Percepta’s socially responsible AI technology in commercial environments. Percepta’s solution responds to emerging concerns surrounding the use of facial recognition technologies and is designed to anonymize individuals’ demographic features—including race, gender and age—by analyzing existing security camera feeds to detect shoplifting incidents in real time. Using advanced action recognition techniques, the technology tracks individuals’ movements, scanning for probable shoplifting or precursory shoplifting behavior and assesses theft probability.

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