Do you know the true cost of supporting your security infrastructure?

Take a few moments to add up these hidden direct and indirect costs:

  • Upgrades and configuration can be time-consuming
  • Managing vendors can be a problem
  • Systems are more complex
  • Resources are limited
  • Technology is rapidly evolving

There is a growing organizational trend known as the “utility” model. This model is designed for organizations that no longer find it strategic or viable to own all the technology infrastructure around their cyber or physical security needs. They want to pay for what they need or use under a service model, like a utility or a cable company. This allows them to focus on the risk and business factors that are critical to their programs.

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Outsource your security

Comprehensive planning graphic

Our outsourced performance-based subscription service can help by providing you with risk consulting, purchasing, deployment, maintenance and the latest technology to help secure your operations without the need for dedicated internal resources. Security and monitoring is the core of our business. Let us help you build, operate, manage, maintain and monitor your security technology infrastructure so you can focus on your business.

IaaS lets you focus on the metrics that matter

  • Strategy, planning and metrics
  • Risk: assess and advise
  • Policy, standards, guidelines
  • Executive level advisory
  • Relationships: responders, government agencies and investigators
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