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Everon™ is revolutionizing the future of security guarding with intelligent guarding solutions, including humanoid robots and other technologies.
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Everon Advances
Into Autonomous Security Solutions

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Groundbreaking Guarding Technologies May Help Autonomously Detect and Respond to Incidents in the Future

EvoGuard™ is a suite of intelligent, autonomous guarding solutions and services currently in development* that could signal the next generation in guarding for commercial facilities, aiming to cost-effectively enhance corporate security programs through leading-edge technology.

EvoGuard may be able to leverage artificial intelligence (AI) and augmented reality (AR) in combination with humanoid robots and drones for comprehensive security surveillance of a wide variety of commercial areas.

The portfolio of intuitive, interactive EvoGuard solutions has the potential to allow users to surveil their surroundings dynamically—providing monitoring, video surveillance, two-way communication using robots and more at your facility.

In the future, robots and drones may be able to conduct 24/7 automated patrols with constant alertness to see and engage with many areas of your building, with the potential to:

triangle graphic Capture evidence of disturbances or unauthorized personnel for remote alarm verification
triangle graphic Quickly respond to high-risk or hazardous scenarios remotely
triangle graphic Increase surveillance while reducing labor costs and overcoming staffing shortages

Innovation Never Stops.
Neither Do We.

At Everon, we believe in purposefully investing in emerging technologies that will address your challenges with the most intuitive solutions. That’s why we established our Innovation Lab in Dallas, TX.

To learn more about how we’re shaping the future of commercial security through innovation, visit our Innovation Lab below.

Humanoid Robots to Help Guard Your Commercial Organization

With EvoGuard by Everon, you’ll soon be able to effectively enhance your security program by deploying humanoid robots in your facilities to streamline labor costs and improve your guard force’s capabilities. In the future*, the humanoid robot by 1X Technologies may be able to:

ADT Guarding Robot in corridor
  • Conduct remote patrols in commercial facilities & document evidence
  • Perform two-way communications between the public and an operator
  • Inspect and remove hazards or obstructions virtually
  • Complete various tasks by interacting with the environment
  • Capture 360-degree view of patrol areas via a robust camera system
  • Self-dock and self-charge at designated stations
  • Open doors and operate elevators
  • Interact with personnel through a VR experience
ADT EvoGuard identifying a potential hazard
The humanoid robot allows for remote interaction with the environment.
ADT EvoGuard bending to pick up a backpack
The robot’s significant range of motion allows it to bend down to investigate and move obstructions or suspicious items.
ADT EvoGuard lifting a backpack
In avatar mode, a human operator can control the robot’s actions through a VR system. This allows the robot to handle objects and complete investigations.

Among the features currently in development is the ability for the robot to function in avatar mode. In avatar mode, human operators may also be able to remotely control movements and actions of the robot through a virtual reality (VR) system. Here, a live telepresence environment will be created for a human controller to remotely interact with real-life surroundings through the robot.

By leveraging this feature, one security professional may be capable of managing many devices and controlling them remotely. This could allow one individual to achieve the scope of several guards in the future, ultimately enabling cost savings and the burden caused by staffing shortages and high turnover rates.

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Revolutionize Your Guard Force with EvoGuard Intelligent Security Solutions

Better Alarm Verification and Data Capture

  • Remotely verify the accuracy alarms
  • 360⁰ field of vision allows for efficient evidence data and video capture
  • Document unbiased evidence and help to deter further activity by an intruder

Address Labor Shortages with Remote Capabilities

  • Reduce challenges of high turnover within the guarding industry
  • Leverage security personnel more efficiently by conducting remote patrols
  • Operate robot remotely with VR to investigate unknown situations

How Technology Can Alleviate Surveillance Blind Spots

As the industry looks for a path forward that addresses the gaps in their security programs, security partners are finding answers in technology. Discover how humanoid robots and drones can directly address these challenges below.

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Establishing Successful Guarding Programs with an Innovative Workforce

Addressing Labor Shortages in the Market

  • May reduce challenges with high turnover within the guarding industry
  • Potentially reduce costs associated with ongoing recruiting, hiring and training
  • Opportunity to leverage security team more efficiently by remotely conducting repetitive, monotonous tasks

Non-Human Capabilities

  • Potential ability for 24/7 patrol without distraction
  • Potential to add built-in sensors for additional detection capabilities
  • Unbiased evidence capture and documentation

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As the world around us continues to rapidly change, we’re taking chances and striving to be proactively ahead of the curve to address your evolving security needs. Everon’s dedicated innovation program — aimed at emerging and developing technologies — was established to directly address challenges facing security leaders today.

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Building A Cost-Effective Path Forward with Technology

Emerging technologies like humanoid robots and drones may be able to offset some traditional guarding costs by:

  • Saving commercial businesses money involved with recruiting, hiring, training and assigning personnel
  • Addressing staffing shortages with the addition of mobility and flexibility
  • Allowing security personnel to focus on more important duties while routine tasks may be automated
  • Using first responder resources more effectively with increased intelligence, insights and remote verification of evidence that may help to reduce false alarms

*EvoGuard™ products are currently in development and may change, evolve, or be removed prior to sale. EvoGuard products are intended for indoor commercial use only and are not available for deployment in all types of facilities. Robotics solutions may require third-party virtual reality hardware, software, and related accounts. Please refer to product documentation and manufacturers’ end user license agreements at the time of commercialization for a full list of product features, capabilities, and system requirements and limitations.

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