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Our People Are the Difference

Everon’s culture is built on creating an environment of belonging and inclusivity for all employees. Through a culture of reward and recognition, we’re passionate about making our employees feel valued, appreciated and empowered to grow—both within our organization and in their professional careers.

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Diversity and Inclusion at Everon

Understanding differences and cultivating an inclusive culture is essential to drive innovation. We are passionate about fostering an environment that celebrates diversity and encourages different ideas and perspectives.

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Develop a diverse workforce where team members can grow and thrive

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Create an inclusive workplace where team members can do their best work with a sense of belonging

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Cultivate relationships with diverse communities and organizations in the marketplace

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Business Employee Resource Groups

Business Employee Resource Groups (BERGs) are groups of employees who actively contribute to the mission of making diversity and inclusion an important part of the workplace. Created to provide an inclusive network for learning and the open exchange of ideas, BERGs can help us all better appreciate the strengths, aptitudes, and abilities our people bring from different backgrounds and life experiences.

Learn more about our diversity and inclusion programs here.

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