In order to make the most of any security investment, you need historical data available at the touch of a button. You also need reports that help you make sense of the raw figures in real time. With ADT Commercial, you get the tools you need to view, manage, and analyze site activity to help you get the most from your security system investments.

Performance reports

ADT Commercial offers a range of reporting based on the needs of your business. We provide highly customized reports for our largest enterprise customers that give an “at a glance” read on performance or issues.

Our eSuiteSM account management portal gives you immediate access to your data via web or mobile device. We help you proactively manage your account while also improving your security program over time.


Access your data when you need it

Your ADT Commercial system is collecting vital data from the moment of activation. Access that data anytime with our eSuite and eSuite mobile system. Because our dashboards help you understand the activity taking place in your building, you’re able to know at a glance if the activity you’re seeing is moving in the direction you want.
Reporting on Mobile Phone


With eSuite mobile, we make it easy for you to manage multiple locations from one login. See all your locations in one map view, compare risks and performance between locations with a graph view, or you can zoom in on one specific location to learn more about its past performance and current activity.


Sophisticated, customized reports tell you even more

Save time with custom dashboards. Create a report that summarizes all of the activity from the day prior, and then share that report with your entire team.

While you can specify which information should appear within the report, you also can make changes to your report at any time. Use these reports not only to keep tabs on your security performance but also to communicate pertinent updates easily and effectively to those around you.

Once each quarter, we even provide premier National Account customers with a formal 1 Report, which summarizes key stats, insights, and trends over time. From the 1 Report, you’ll gather how well your current security system is protecting your business, along with key insights that help you know where to make changes and how to develop long-term strategy decisions regarding your security program.

Remaining a partner in this process, we help you leverage your data each step of the way to proactively manage your account. If you spot a trend you don’t quite understand, or you’re just not sure how to deal with the data you’ve been given, simply call your customer service representative. This way, you’re just one step away from professionals who are dedicated to helping you make the most of your security investment. We can walk you through your reports, help you make changes, or both.

Our customer service representatives are always standing by to help you.

Actionable data

Make key changes remotely

Do more than look over your data. Security depends upon updates and attentive decisions, and we help you to make changes spurred by data at any point.

Check off the following steps through your online portal:

  • Test burglar alarms
  • Create location schedules
  • View contacts for a location
  • Edit contacts for a location
  • Access panel information for all locations, and location-specific data, such as product photos and fire alarm inspection data for easy retrieval later
  • Track permit numbers and expiration dates
  • Assign location permissions
  • Run reports of all ADT Commercial products installed at each of your locations in order to check install dates, warranties, maintenance reports, and replacement costs
  • View video associated with burglar alarms for up to a year after the alarm has been tripped

A partner you can trust

Part of the reason we’ve focused our attention on data collection and presentation is because our customers have identified reporting as a way to turn information into action. In the modern business environment, data collection is moving from optional to mandatory.

Data-driven decisions

In today’s information-rich business world, nobody wants to base key decisions on habit, opinion or personal preference. Today, data-driven decisions help companies to understand what is happening at a granular level. Indeed, with their sights on numbers, business executives can make better decisions for the future.

Your data has a story to tell

Still, too much data is almost as harmful as no data at all. ADT Commercial helps companies leverage the potential of their data with analytics and reporting technology that compiles raw data points into a cohesive narrative.

Make sure you are actively managing your data rather than letting your data overwhelm you. Work with ADT Commercial.

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