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Businesses face an ever-changing barrage of challenges to their cyber defenses. 
A defense-only strategy is no longer enough. Overburdened or limited security resources may not have the time (or expertise) to quickly review alerts, determine if a legitimate threat is present on the network and then respond to threats before damage is done. With a mean time to identify running 197 days* - and cybersecurity talent gaps being an ongoing challenge - visibility coupled with rapid detection, response and remediation is critical.

*Ponemon Institute LLC, 2018 Cost of a Data Breach Study.

24/7 MDR Monitoring
24/7 MDR Monitoring

MDR delivers comprehensive visibility into activity on the network. We monitor 24/7/365 for attempts to breach your network. Our MDR service uses full packet capture and log data to help detect and search for anomalous activity that may be present in your organization’s network.

Integrated Cybersecurity
Integrated Cybersecurity

Our Resilience Platform is a holistic, integrated solution designed to utilize people, process and technology to deliver true resilience to organizations before, during and after an attack.

Proprietary SHIELDVision™
Proprietary ShieldVision™

ADT Cybersecurity has the tools to perform thorough investigations. In addition to offering cross-vector intel (real-time forensics), we developed proprietary security software call ShieldVision, which allows for quick analysis of customer networks for current-day events. With packet capture at client site, this gives us the ability to go back in time and recreate anomalous events.

Email Security
Email Security

ADT Cybersecurity Resilience Platform customers directly benefit from the Mimecast® suite of email security offerings. In addition to L1/L2 support, ADT provides back-end integration into the MDR service to enhance visibility and reporting.

Network and Perimeter Management
Network and Perimeter Management

Securing the network at the perimeter is a critical step in building a cyber resilience strategy. Perimeter technology must be effectively provisioned, deployed, maintained and patched to help combat current threat vectors. Firewall management requires significant investment in resources and a high level of specialized skills to help prevent access breaches.

Quick Response and Remediation
Quick Response and Remediation

Recovering quickly from an incident is paramount for cyber resilience. When ADT reports a verified incident, the ASOC provides recommended steps for remediation, including step-by-step instructions with procedures and escalation paths to remediate the environment.

Get an MDR Team for the Cost of One Security Analyst*

ADT can provide customized, scalable cybersecurity at a fraction of what a full team would cost to provide you with the same protection. With the ADT Cybersecurity Resilience Platform, you get a comprehensive, fully integrated solution designed to help minimize risk to your organization, and respond quickly if there’s an attack.

Cross-Vector Intelligence

ADT Cybersecurity has built backend integrations into every component of the platform to take advantage of cross-vector threat intelligence.

Rapid Resolution

We provide step-by-step guidelines to help mitigate events, then work hand-in-hand with you to ensure those steps are taken.

Alert Fatigue Relief

Our team conducts full cyber threat analyses to spot false positives among the thousands of alerts you might receive each week. We work to narrow it down to actual threats to alleviate the resulting “alert fatigue” your team could experience conducting investigations on their own.

*The average salary of a Senior Cybersecurity Analyst in the U.S. is $118,500/yr, according to ZipRecruiter, February 2018.

$7.91 Million

The average cost of a data breach to a U.S.-based company in 2017*

*The Poneman Institute

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