Business Security - Safety Center

Arm yourself with the security essentials necessary to best protect your growing business.

Burglary Defense 

While our business security solutions provide the first line of defense against the threat of burglary, there are many actions you and your employees can take to keep thieves away in the first place. Learn how to optimize your security.

Employee Theft 

Manage your business efficiently by taking advantage of ADT's security and surveillance solutions to ensure your employees are working to help your business, not harm it. Get professional tips on how to manage your office security initiatives.

Retail Security 

Make it difficult for thieves to take action at your retail stores. Learn how to maximize ADT’s security systems to fit all your retail location’s needs and help you ensure that profits are being fully realized.

Robbery Prevention 

ADT's business security solutions can provide a line of defense between your business and potential robbers. Get more tips and advice on how to create a business-wide robbery strategy.

Shoplifting Prevention 

Shoplifting is a primary threat to all businesses, regardless of size or channel. Learn how to make shoplifting difficult for potential thieves, keep your place of businesses safe and ensure your business continues to grow.

Reduce False Alarms 

Alarm systems that go off falsely can have a negative impact on your business. Find out what steps you can take to help reduce the likelihood of a false alarm.

Business Security Community 

We created a place for you to get access to the material you need to help protect your business. Prevent burglary and intrusion and find useful information including advice on shoplifting, article surveillance, fire prevention, employee safety and business development.