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We created a place for you to get access to the material you need to help protect your business. Prevent burglary and intrusion and find useful information including advice on shoplifting, article surveillance, fire prevention, employee safety and business development.


Burglary is a serious threat to your business security and can dramatically impact your operations. Find suggestions for discouraging burglars, safeguarding your property and creating a secure work environment.

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Shoplifting & Article Surveillance

Every year, shoplifters steal articles of merchandise totaling in the billions of dollars and severely impacting profits. Find valuable tips on how to improve your business security through article surveillance, theft deterrence and employee training.

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Employee Safety

Safeguarding your employees from crime and accidents should be a top priority in your business security plan. Read the articles here for great ideas on how to incorporate employee safety into your business security plan.

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Business Automation

One of the easiest ways to improve your business security and employee safety is through automated systems that give you access to your security system anywhere on earth. You can even save energy while you’re at it!

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