ADT Offers Reward for Lawfully Obtained Information Regarding Deceptive Sales Practices Training by Unscrupulous Companies


ADT Security is offering a reward of up to $5,000 for lawfully obtained information that alarm companies have trained their employees to utilize or engage in deceptive sales practices. Details and eligibility are summarized below.

Why is ADT offering this Reward?

Certain unscrupulous companies encourage their sales employees and agents to misrepresent or falsely imply an affiliation or relationship with ADT.  Their sales agents may claim to be “with ADT,” “taking over for ADT,” or say that ADT “is going out of business,” “has been bought out,” or “changed its name.”  In other instances, sales agents for these companies have misrepresented themselves as being “with ADT’s equipment manufacturer,” “GE,” or “Honeywell”, and that they want to “check” or “upgrade” their system or “have a new preferred alarm monitoring company.”  In all such instances, the intent of these companies, through the training of their sales representatives and agents, is to deceive and confuse consumers, who often include the elderly.  ADT seeks to protect consumers from such practices and, where appropriate, pursues legal remedies in court against such companies to stop them from further misleading consumers.

Information regarding such deceptive training can help ADT take steps to stop these bad actors.  For example, a concerned employee of another company recently provided ADT with a video, taken by him on his cell phone at a company sponsored meeting, showing a training session intended to teach salespeople how to claim or imply false affiliations with ADT, and use other deceptive techniques with the intent to deceive consumers.  ADT pursued litigation against this company.  ADT wants to put an end to these types of deceptive practices, and with that goal in mind, is offering a reward for information that will help uncover, expose and stop similar “training” by other bad actors.


Subject to the conditions below, which may be amended, changed, or discontinued by ADT at anytime, ADT LLC dba ADT Security Services offers a reward of up to $5,000, for lawfully obtained information that sales people are being trained to use deceptive sales practices intended to falsely imply any affiliation with ADT.  The total amount of such reward is entirely in the sole discretion of ADT.

Eligibility for this discretionary reward requires that you must satisfy all of the following conditions to our satisfaction:

  1. Such information is provided to ADT on or before August 31, 2015.
  2. Such information is obtained lawfully.
  3. Such information is truthful.
  4. The same or substantially similar information has not been previously provided to ADT.

ADT reserves the sole and exclusive right to determine what constitutes eligible information. Such information may include, without limitation, lawfully obtained audio or video recordings of competitors training, directing or impliedly encouraging sales employees, contractors, or agents in the security and alarm industry to use deceptive sales practices. As part of this program, ADT may require you to provide follow-up information or explanation, which shall include a videotaped statement establishing the authenticity, time, and place of the lawfully obtained information. ADT reserves the sole and exclusive right to reject or not further pursue any offers of information.

How to Submit

To submit information regarding deceptive sales practices or training by companies in the alarm industry, or to ask questions concerning this offer, please contact Joanna Castaldi at (561) 988-0915 or (904) 301-7123.  Information can be mailed to ADT LLC Compliance Group attn.: Joanna Castaldi 1501 Yamato Road, Boca Raton, FL 33431.  You can also submit your information by email to

For more information on identifying deceptive sales practices, click here.

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