Frequently Asked Questions

Want to take your home’s remote security and management to a new level? We’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions about ADT Pulse℠ Interactive Solutions. If your questions or comments have not been addressed in any section of the FAQs, feel free to call or email us.


What is ADT Pulse Interactive Solutions?

I'm ready. How do I know if my home is ADT Pulse-ready?

I have a condo. Will ADT Pulse work in my home?

Can I get ADT Pulse for my business?

Can I customize my system, or is ADT Pulse 'one size fits all'?

Can I get ADT Pulse at my primary home and my vacation home?

How do I know whether the desired action has occurred?

Once it's installed, is it difficult to add additional devices to the system?

How do I get started?


What kind of equipment do I need in order to use ADT Pulse Interactive Solutions?

What kind of computer is required?

Do I need any special software for my PC or Mac®?

Will ADT’s service work with my VoIP/digital phone service provider?

Does ADT use my home Wi-Fi network?

Will the cameras slow down my Internet connection or otherwise interfere with my computer?

My cable or telephone operator offers many different speeds. What speed do I need for use with the ADT Pulse system?


If ADT is connected to my broadband service, does that mean all the alarm signals go through my modem?

Applications, Mobile Access and Messaging

How do I access my home or business from a computer or mobile phone?

How do I obtain an ADT Pulse app for my iPhone®?

How do I obtain an ADT Pulse app for my smartphone (other than an iPhone or Android™?)

I downloaded the app, but I can’t log in. What do I do?

My invitation to log in to the ADT Pulse portal has expired. How do I obtain a new invitation?

I am unable to log in to the ADT Pulse portal.

The ADT Pulse system is supposed to send me a text message when it has been disarmed. Why do the text messages sometimes arrive in a short period of time, and at other times they take longer to arrive?

The ADT Pulse system is supposed to send me an email when my system is armed. Why does it seem to take a long time for these messages to arrive?

The alarm system went off and I did not disarm it fast enough. Why did I receive a text message or email before ADT called me?

I am unable to arm or disarm the system remotely.


What is Z-Wave?

What types of Z-Wave devices are available, and where can I get them?

I found other Z-Wave items for sale on the web and in local stores. Can I use these instead?

Do I need an electrician to install Z-Wave items?

Now that I have installed a Z-Wave device, how can I get my system to operate it?

I installed a lamp module, but the lamp will not turn on.

Why can’t I dim my light?

My Z-Wave devices are not working. They all appear in my web portal as being offline. What should I do?

How do I enroll a new Z-Wave device?

Does ADT offer a remote-control Z-Wave door lock?

Does ADT offer a remote-control Z-Wave thermostat?

Does the ADT Pulse system support ZigBee devices?

Will my baby monitor work with ADT Pulse Interactive Solutions?


Are the wireless cameras secure? That is, can someone else access the wireless camera signal and view the images captured by the cameras in and around my home?

Can someone else view my camera transmissions over the Internet?

Can I use wireless cameras with the ADT Pulse system that I purchase on my own?

Can I listen to what is happening in my home with the ADT Pulse system, and record audio as well as video?

The camera sometimes goes offline and stops working. How can I keep this from happening?

How long does recorded video stay on the system?

How much video/photo memory can I use per month?

Can ADT Pulse cameras record images in the dark?


How does the ADT touchscreen connect to the Internet?

Does the touchscreen operate on batteries?

Can I move the touchscreen to a different location?

Since the system uses a touchscreen, why do I still need to have a standard push-button keypad for the security system?

The touchscreen sometimes goes offline and stops working. How can I keep this from happening?

Can I add outdoor motion detectors to the system?

FAQ’s for iOS 6 Users

I updated my phone to iOS 6 and now the ADT PulseSM app won’t launch?

Which phones does this affect?

Does this affect iPads?

I received my iPhone5 but the ADT Pulse app won’t launch.

Don’t app developers get early access to Apple updates?

What is ADT doing about this?

What can I do in the meantime to use ADT Pulse remotely on my iPhone?

I tried the site and it doesn’t work?