Tips to Avoid and Reduce False Alarms

Tips to Avoid and Reduce False Alarms

Burglar alarm systems that go off falsely can have a negative impact on your business, particularly when they take first responders away from real emergencies. But false alarms can cause other problems for your business as well. If it happens too often, neighbors may ignore the alarm when it sounds. Over time false alarms may make your business vulnerable to crime.

As the security industry leader, we have developed methods to help to reduce false alarms - with dramatic success.

In 1994, we initiated telephone verification of alarm signals, in which ADT makes a second attempt to call one person on the Emergency Call List before calling the police department. This practice was so successful it is now the industry standard.

We created FADE (False Alarm Dispatch Elimination), a program of alarm verification and remote diagnostic technologies. This helps local emergency responders know when, and where they are most needed.

Common Reasons False Alarms Happen:
  • Employees not following daily opening and closing procedures.
  • Public and vendor having open access to your facilities.
  • Employee error.
  • Multiple suppliers and service providers having open access to your facilities.
  • Janitorial staff not following procedures.
  • Faulty equipment.
  • Acts of nature (strong winds, electrical storms, etc.).
How to Prevent and Reduce False Alarms:
  • Train all employees thoroughly on the alarms system.
  • Hold regularly scheduled training sessions to ensure all employees are aware of any changes to the system (e.g., pass codes).
  • Be aware of holiday-related false alarms due to untrained seasonal or temporary help, carelessness due to long hours or office parties.
  • Move hanging objects away from motion detectors and sensors.
  • Ensure all doors and windows are secure and locked prior to arming the system.
  • Inform the monitoring center of new pass codes and arming codes, and of new or removed authorized users.
  • If there is a question as to whether or not the anti theft system is working properly, immediately contact the security provider to check the status of the alarm system and devices.
  • Service and maintain the system regularly (including batteries) before false alarms occur.
  • Upgrade old alarm systems.

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